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Our second topic has been Sculptures. We made sculptures using modelling clay, skewers and cocktail sticks. We used salt dough and modelling clay to make sculptures. We made a cheesy dough and then made sculptures out of it. We made sculptures out of junk modelling. Finally we made sculptures out of natural materials....
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As part of our topic on Toys we brought in a favourite toy from home.   We also visited Rochester Guildhall Museum for a workshop on toys from the past. Our favourite toy that we looked at was the Zoetrope....
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Sound and Hearing

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As part of our second Science topic Sound and Hearing we made musical instruments that we could pluck, bang and shake.


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Our first Science Topic was Ourselves and we enjoyed labelling the parts of the body.

Take a Seat

Our topic this term was a Design Technology based unit called Take a Seat, during this topic the class was able to explore the design of chairs. We discussed what chairs tell us about everyday life and the way people rest, eat and relate to each other. We looked at examples of designs in the...
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Keeping Warm

In Science this term our topic was Keeping warm. During this topic the class investigated measuring temperature using touch and thermometers, materials which are good thermal insulators to keep objects hot and cold and differences between thermal insulators and thermal conductors. This learning then moved onto investigating best ways to insulate a house, this topic...
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Changing State

In Science this term the topic has been Changing State. The children have already shown a good understanding of when a liquid evaporates it becomes a gas and how liquids other than water evaporate. They have been able to measure the volume of water carefully and accurately and have explored how condensation is...
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People in Action

The Topic Unit this term has been ‘People in Action’ and has been mainly an Art-based unit. Children in Churchill Class have had the opportunity to study the work of pioneering artists, sculptors and photographers, whilst copying some of their techniques and methods. They have been able to record movement in their sketchbooks using pencil...
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