Monthly Archives: May 2015

Meredale’s New Arrivals!

During the first week of the summer term we took delivery of six eggs.  We had them in their incubator and the children were checking them every few hours for any signs of movement. We noticed on Weds 6th May that some of the eggs had tiny cracks in them, then the following morning the children...
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Charity Week – Final Figures

Tues 4th - Fri 8th May What a busy week we had! The Honeypot Children's Charity A great big thank you to everyone for supporting and getting behind our charity week last week. It was a fantastic week, with the right balance of fun and theory and that all the children were able to participate in the activities. All in...
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Trip to Parsonage Farm

We have been studying life cycles of animals and plants so far this term and took the children from Reception Class and Year 1 for a trip to Parsonage Farm at Cobham. We found out about the life cycle of apples, which was really interesting but a shame we could not have a taste of them...
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The Topic unit this term for Churchill Class is all about Australia. Children have already explored what they know about Australia and have thought carefully about what they would like to learn.  They have so far learnt where Australia is in relation to other countries, identified the names of the seven states and their capital cities...
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Science – Different Changes

This term Churchill Class science topic is all about Different Changes and more importantly reversible and irreversible changes. We have remembered prior learning and know that mixing materials can cause them to change.  The children have learnt that sometimes when we mix materials we cannot easily get the original materials back and also that sometimes when...
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Wacky Wednesday in Adams Class

On Wednesday 6th May the whole school took part in our Wacky Wednesday Charity Event. Everyone dressed in the craziest outfit with the craziest hair for the whole day to help raise money for The Honeypot Charity that supports young carers in this area. Even the staff got involved but strangely we have not found any photos...
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The topic for Darwin Class during this Summer Term is Friction. During this topic we have identified that Friction is a force between surfaces in contact, that forces are pushes or pulls that make things move, stop, change direction or change shape, understand there are different types of friction forces and recognise that friction is used everyday life. Read more

Investigating Patterns

Our topic during Summer Term is Investigating pattern. So far this term the children have investigated patterns in textiles from different times and cultures and used these ideas as a starting point for developing their own designs. They have investigated stencilling and print-making techniques and explored ways of combining and organising shapes, colours and patterns to make...
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Treasure Hunt Thursday

On Thursday 7th March all of the children in school took part in a Treasure Hunt around school. Each class had half an hour to locate a sequence of numbered envelopes around the school and playground which eventually led to their Treasure which they enjoyed during Prep. A giant Gingerbread Man baked by the school chef's during...
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Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday 6th May was Wacky Wednesday in school and what a wacky day it was! Everyone, staff included, dressed in their craziest cloths and had wacky hairstyles! Wackier still, Mr Lambert had a baked bean bath! Pupils, staff and parents all had the chance to poor cold beans over him! He sat in the bath for around...
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