Monthly Archives: June 2015

Music Lessons

Music is all around us at Meredale, not only is it part of the curriculum but almost every School Assembly involves singing, as do the class assemblies performed to families, the Remembrance Assembly and the Nativity Shows. Some of our children have been learning to play a variety of instruments for several years, both inside and...
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Challenge Cards

The children in Dickens class have been completing challenge cards from all the areas of learning to demonstrate their growing knowledge - they made a healthy lunch, mixed colours during painting and worked out what would float and sink in water amongst many other tasks. They had great fun ticking off the challenges throughout the week.     Read more

Kent Life

We had a wonderful class trip to Kent Life to settle our ducklings into their new home. The children met many other animals in the farmyard and even helped to bottle feed the lambs and goats. The trip also supported the children's learning about life in the past with the different houses to look around. Some...
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Judo Club

At the moment, every Friday after school some of the Meredale children take part in Judo Club which is run by the Instructors at United Judo. It really does look (and sound) like they have great fun in the club. This week the Instructors from United Judo came into school for the day and ran workshops for...
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Meredale Ducklings

Our little ducklings grew very quickly and left us at the end of May for pastures new. Our Reception Class went to Kent Life to visit for the day and decided to take the ducklings on their very first bus ride to drop them off at their new home. The ducklings were settling in to their new...
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