Monthly Archives: November 2015

Roman Pottery

Boleyn class have been looking at sculpture this term and in particular Roman pottery. We have had a go at making pinch pots, coil pots and slab pots. We then designed and made our own pots based on Roman designs. We had great fun even if we did make a bit of mess!   Read more

Exploring Different Textures

On our Dress Down Day earlier this month we had a great time exploring different textures. We raised the questions 'What will happen when the soap and cornflakes get wet?'  We had some amusing answers but great fun finding out the effects as you can see by the photographs. There was a lot of giggles around the...
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Riverside Country Park

Dickens Class had a fantastic day out at Riverside Country Park. The children collected many sensory items throughout the day to bring back to school to make their collage pictures. The children found a rabbit hole and were very concerned that a discarded bottle was blocking the entrance/exit and tried to work out how the rabbits could get...
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Drama Workshop

Just before the October Half Term we invited a Drama Workshop into school to spend the morning with our Reception, Year 1 and 2 children. The children had a fantastic time acting out many roles including saving the cat from the dragon that had escaped in the school hall! The children really got into character, it was...
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The Poppy Appeal

From the beginning of November we sold Poppy Appeal items to the children and their families, items included paper poppies, snap wrist bands, bracelets, crayons, wristbands, etc - we are pleased to announce that we raised a total of £134.59 for the Poppy Appeal. Well done everyone!...
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Children in Need

Our Head Girls, Georgia and Emily, organised our event this year for Children in Need on Friday 13th November.  They arranged for the children to come into school dressed as their favourite celebrity, superhero or wearing Pudsey clothes in return for a donation to the Charity.  We had guests such as Rita Ora, Cheryl Cole,...
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In R.E, we have been exploring different religions such as Islam and what God means to followers of Islam. In this exciting lesson, students worked on calligraphy with a word they associate with God based on their personal beliefs and experience. In Heath class, we take pride in understanding and respecting our own beliefs and the beliefs...
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The Great Fire of London

We have had a very busy term so far in Adams Class! We started the term by setting fire to our model ‘London’, which the students built themselves and this helped us understand how quickly the Great Fire spread through London in 1666. We have followed-up our good work for the Great Fire of London by starting...
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Remembrance Service

[row][span8] We held our annual Remembrance Service on the 11th  November with many veterans, serving soldiers and families joining us to pay respects on this important day. The poignant service included poems being read by some of pupils and songs being sung by both the children and the veterans .  The Royal Engineers Association presented a plaque...
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