Monthly Archives: December 2015

Tri Golf Tournament

Our PE Teacher, Miss French, took several of our Year 3 and 4 children to a Tri Golf Tournament at Medway Park to compete against other schools in the Medway area. The children spent the morning moving around the different stations collecting points for their teams.  The event encourages fair play and team work amongst the...
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In RE this term the children have been studying the Hindu festival Diwali. We began this topic by studying the story of Rama and Sita and discussed the roles of the different characters in the story and the significance it has to Hindus. The children then learnt about the preparation for the festival and through this...
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3D Sculpture

The topic for this term in Darwin Class is 3D Sculpture. The children began the topic by looking at different types of 3D sculpture and materials used. Next the children looked back at their research on the Romans to find out about Roman pottery. This then lead onto the children trying out different techniques using clay...
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Which animal makes the toughest migration?

In term 2 the children have been exploring the Big Question: Which animal makes the toughest migration? The children have had to read an interactive eBook, using the skills of skimming and scanning to find answers to questions and using the organisational features of the eBook to find information. They have revised and developed using...
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Mental Maths!!

In term 2 children are revising the following areas in mathematics:
  • To be able to divide using a written method.
  • To understand the terminology used involving regular and irregular shapes.
  • To be able to mentally add, subtract, multiply and divide.
  • To measure, use and understand mm, cm, m, km
  • To understand fractions and how they relate to shapes
  The children also sit...
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Evolution and Inheritance

In term 2 the focus is on evolution and inheritance. The children have had the opportunity to study fossils, why they got there and what they told us about the past. The children have also looked at how different animals (including humans) have evolved over time according to their environment. Alongside this study the children also looked...
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