Monthly Archives: February 2016

Museum of Fun!

One of the units year 5 have been studying this term is to run the Museum of Fun! The children read the interactive eBook, scanning and summarizing information and relate it to the lives and experiences. They then complete the mission, planning, writing and presenting television adverts to encourage people to visit the museum. Another text...
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During the Spring Term the children had the opportunity to conduct a wide range of practical experiments on volcanoes to help deepen their understanding of the focus areas below.
  • To be able to identify the different layers of the earth and know how volcanoes are formed.
  • To know where volcanoes are located in the world.
  • To understand the structure...
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Seasons Change

The children have seen signs of Spring arriving around the school and can been seen pointing out the different signs in the photographs. This has followed a week's topic about seasons which got the children thinking about which season they preferred and looking forward to the warmer weather arriving.  They all agreed the liked the warmer weather...
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Chinese New Year

These pictures of the children dramatising the Chinese Legend of Nian as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations. They each helped to design and make the costume and gather together the props they needed which included houses for the villagers to hide inside and drums and symbols as well as streamers to represent fireworks which...
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During our Culture Week at the end of January the children took part in an activity workshop of drumming. They learnt how to beat the drums together in time and also at different times to one another to make a different noise.  The drums were of various sizes so the sounds were very different and very...
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Claude Monet

We have been studying the artist Claude Monet over recent weeks. This is piece of artwork produced by one of the children in Heath Class, attempting at recreating a blurry image of the Thames. We have been working towards achieving different styles through learning about different artists and Monet's paintings have helped us to master a different...
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Brazil – Drumming

During our Culture Week we had a visitor in school that spent time with each and every class and taught the children (and some staff) some Brazilian style drumming. Everyone had an amazing time and created lots of noise. Take a look at our Facebook page for video footage of our Carnival atmosphere involving the whole school!...
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Pancake Races!

Everyone at Meredale Independent School & Nursery celebrated Pancake Day yesterday, with pancake races and a huge feast afterwards. The children enjoyed their favorite toppings on-top of some deliciously crispy pancakes, created by our on-site Chef. Happy Pancake Day!  ...
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Carnival de Janeiro at Meredale

As part of Culture Week - Brazil , Bloco Fogo, a Samba drumming & dancing group in Tunbridge Wells, joined us at Meredale. The group taught the children all kinds of techniques with a variety of instruments including Tamborims, Repiniques and Surdos.  The whole school got together at the end of the day to play...
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Brazilian Mosaic Pictures

During our Brazilian Culture week the children in Adams Class made some lovely mosaic pictures using tissue paper in a variety of colours. Some of their pictures included the Brazilian flag and Toucans....
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