Monthly Archives: June 2017

Health & Fitness Week 2017

This week has been incredibly busy week with lots of activities taking place: Monday - The day started with Wake Up, Shake Up for the whole school.  The day became competitive with Archery Tag and Pickleball taking place through all year groups as the day progressed. We had a healthy breakfast competition with the winner in...
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Shang Dynasty

Year 4 have been learning about the Shang Dynasty for English this term.  We have continued this theme within Topic by looking at Chinese Art and symbols. The children have created their own Willow Pattern plates, and created their own Chinese Art. They also chose to draw Pandas or Ying and Yang signs; and even tried to include...
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Self Portraits

The children used Van Gogh as inspiration to create their own self portraits. The children took their time over the course of two weeks to create their portraits, with the background acting as a visual representation of how they felt and the picture as their own portrait. We are sure you will agree that they have produced...
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All about poo!

Darwin Class performed their play today to their parents and the whole school. They told us lots of interesting facts about how to trace an animal by it's poo!
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