Monthly Archives: January 2018

Culture Week 2018 – Line Dancing

As part of Culture Week 2018 the children are learning all about the USA (United States of America), the whole school took part in a line dancing workshop this morning. Everyone enjoyed their session and getting dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls, as you can see from the photographs. Reception Class can be seen giving us a...
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More Young Voices 2018

The children have had such a lovely time at the Young Voices Concert at the O2 this evening, they sung their hearts out with many other school children from all of the country to form one of the UK's largest choirs! The guest performer this year was Natalie Williams. We have saved our seats for next year's...
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Young Voices 2018

Some of the children are currently at the Young Voices Concert in London, practising for the performance in front of a packed audience of parents and families this evening. The children have been learning the songs since last September, ready to perform alongside many other schools to create a choir of around 3,00 children. More photos to...
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Stress and Relaxation

In PSHE Darwin class have been learning about stress and the importance of relaxation, something that is important as we all seem to have hectic lifestyles these days. As part of this, the class took part in meditation and then a Yoga class from Cosmic Kids Yoga. Every child really enjoyed this and remarked about how relaxed they...
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Trip to Rochester Cathedral

The children recently visited Rochester Cathedral and took part in two workshops. In the first workshop the children learnt about heraldry and about the meanings behind the different symbols on a shield which led onto the children designing their own shields based on their surnames. The second workshop the children investigated different patterns used around the cathedral...
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Happy Playtimes

During a recent PSHE lesson the children had to find ways to demonstrate what makes a happy playtime. The outcomes for this lesson were to know how to enjoy play times, find new games to play, make new friends and know and demonstrate the rules for the playground. Learning in the outside environment. Read more

Crime Scene Investigation at Meredale!

Crime Scene Investigation at Meredale today! All of the KS2 children were involved in a CSI day throughout the day today, funded by our school PTA (Friends of Meredale). The children took part in staying safe online, taking their fingerprints, talking about their DNA and gathered evidence from a crime scene. A fun day had by everyone...
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