Monthly Archives: April 2018

Life Cycles

Reception class have been studying life cycles this term and we currently have two projects taking place in school. Dickens class had frog spawn in the classroom which has now developed into tadpoles.  The children are watching them every day to see if they are growing legs yet in preparation of growing into a frog. More photos...
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Eggciting times at Meredale!

The children are fascinated by the incubator in the school hall since coming back from the Easter break.

They have a competition running to see who can guess the...

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Music in Year 6

During music this week the children concentrated on ostinato work. All groups did really well, composing an ostinato and performing it with actions. The girls' group took their inspiration for the sotinato from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The first boys's group used random famous characters from movies and the second boy's group based their rhythms...
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Tyland Barn Visit

Darwin and Churchill classes visited Tyland Barn in Maidstone earlier this week as part of science topic this term, animals and their habitats. They started the day pond dipping and found 12 different species of water creature including newts, dragon fly nymphs, fish, water spiders and many more. During the afternoon they took part in a mini-beast...
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