Monthly Archives: October 2018

Children’s University

Children’s University gives pupils the opportunity to take part in exciting learning activities which take place outside the normal school day – it could be before school, during lunchtime, after school, during weekends or holidays. The learning links to something children could do in the future at university and teaches them new skills. At Meredale,...
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Fantastic 11+ Results 2018

We are delighted for our current Year 6 children and thrilled at the results they have achieved during the recent 11+ Testing, both in the Medway and Kent Tests. Please see these set out below and visit our Examination Results page for further information and information on our leavers destinations over previous years. Well done to everyone...
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Letter Formation

Dickens class have been focusing on letter formation this week through magic painting, writing in coloured sand and large writing experiences on the floor. The children are enthusiastically using the Read Write Ink rhymes to help them with the formation of each letter. The children event took their new skills a step further and moved onto the...
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Ted’s problem!

Adams Class had so much fun trying to solve Ted’s problem! We tested four different materials by syringing on some water to see which one would be best for an umbrella. wool   felt   cotton   plastic We predicted that plastic would be the best material to use for an umbrella and we were right! We found out that plastic...
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Earth & Space

Children in Churchill class have been learning about Earth and Space as part of their Science topic this term. They have found out a range of facts about the planets in the solar system and applied these to create a pictorial representation in 3d.

Learning at home!

The children at Meredale love learning so much, they often want to carry on at home - Imogen is seen using scientific methods to create her own perfume combinations. The children have projects to do in Topic and Science over the coming half term break, it appears many of them have already made a start and...
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Ordinal Numbers

During Maths, Adams Class have been learning Ordinal Numbers. We had so much fun having a paper rock throwing competition! We threw some paper rocks and collected the correct label to state our position in the competition. We also sang 'Ten in a Bed' and collected the correct label as we fell out of the bed.  ...
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The pupils in Darwin class have been learning about measuring in centimetres and millimetres this term. They started with estimating the length of different objects within the classroom and they quickly developed an understanding of the relationship between centimetres and millimetres. As their confidence grew they were able to estimate the length of different animals and...
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Maths Vocabulary Challenge!

Lambert class took part in a Maths vocabulary challenge earlier this week and Shiv was today declared the winner! The children had to identify maths words which were all missing their vowels and Shiv managed to identify 40 of them. Well done!...
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