Monthly Archives: November 2018

music, music, music

Many of our children take part in extra music lessons throughout the week at Meredale including guitar, piano and recorder. We currently have specialist teachers that come in from Make Time for Music to teach the children during lunchtimes. This is on top of our own music teacher, Mrs D'Amiral, that teaches music throughout the school...
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The children of Churchill class have been learning about forces, as part of their homework they were required to make a mode representing force in some way. Imogen was very creative in her approach by making a wonderful cake showing the concept of anti-gravity. Will be tasting the cake later today but it looks delicious!...
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One of the areas of Learning and Development for the EYFS is the "Understanding of the World" and this includes "technology". This week, the children in Dickens Class (Reception) have had the opportunity to use the "Beebots". They explored pressing the arrows to give instructions to the Beebot and they made "roads" and "parking areas". "It...
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52 Lives Charity

This week we were visited by 52 Lives, a charity that aims to spread kindness and empower children to make a big difference to someone’s life. The children were told about Ruby, 8 and George, 5 who have an extremely poorly sister. Unfortunately she spends a lot of time in and out of hospital...
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Messy Maths!

Boleyn class have been enjoying 'messy Maths' lessons this week.
They have been using their fine motor skills to cut out shapes, then sort them into 2D and 3D shapes before pasting...
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Children in Need 2018!

The school children have had great fun dressing up in something spotty for Children in Need today and raising funds for those more needy than themselves.
Our school council also arrange...
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Weather Reporters!

In science, Adams class became the weather reporters! We went outside to record the weather for that day. We recorded what the weather was like in the morning, what the weather was like at that present time and predicted what it might be like later on. We used the gathered information to report the weather to the rest of...
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Do we have a future Olympian in school?

We are extremely proud of this young man's achievements. He is an avid swimmer and was able to swim 1000m on Sunday and received his certificate and badge from Swim England, that's 40 lengths of the pool! Well done! Maybe we will see him at the Olympics in future years!...
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Remembrance Service 2018

Our Remembrance Service was held this morning in school with almost 18 veterans in attendance along with some of our families. Special mentions were given to the RAF Centenary and also the close of the WW1 campaign. The veterans then spent some time with the children in classrooms talking about their medals, badges and countries they...
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