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Greece Goes to Pieces!

Over recent weeks the children in Years 5 & 6 have worked hard to perfect their play 'Greece Goes to Pieces!' which they performed yesterday to their parents. Well done everyone for remembering all the lines, creating the scenery and props! You really gave us and outstanding performance and something to laugh along to. Read more

Health & Fitness Week 2017

This week has been incredibly busy week with lots of activities taking place: Monday - The day started with Wake Up, Shake Up for the whole school.  The day became competitive with Archery Tag and Pickleball taking place through all year groups as the day progressed. We had a healthy breakfast competition with the winner in...
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All about poo!

Darwin Class performed their play today to their parents and the whole school. They told us lots of interesting facts about how to trace an animal by it's poo!
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Charity Week 2017 – Themed Thursday

It's Themed Thursday in school this week for Charity Week! Children and staff have been invited to come into school dressed as their favourite Movie Star! We've had James Bond, Moana, Annie (the old and new), Matilda, Denzel Washington, Jack Frost, Superman, Lara Croft, Wonder Woman, as well as Disney Princesses and many more stars wandering  around...
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Charity Week 2017 – Skip to be fit Wednesday

Children of all ages entered into the competition.  Children in Reception, Years 1 and 2 had 1 minute to skip through a hoop as many times as they could. Children in KS2 used a skipping rope and were timed for 1 minute. Everyone's totals were counted up with the winners of KS1 and KS2 being announced on...
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Charity Week 2017 – Tasty Tuesday

Many of the children entered the Meredale Bake Off contest.  Their challenge was to make cakes, savoury or biscuits with as little help from an adult as possible.  All entries were judged on appearance and taste by our in-house chefs.  The winners of each category will be announced in the Assembly on Friday. We also held...
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Charity Week 2017 – Monday Sponsored Swim

Sponsored Swim took place for Charity Week with all proceeds going to Demelza Children's Charity - will we reach the target distance between Foreland in Kent and the Pas-De-Calais of 21 mile? Find out later in the week......
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Charity Week 2017

Plans are already underway for Charity Week in school next week including a sponsored swim, bake off, skip to be fit and much more! The children have chosen to raise funds for Demelza Children's Hospice this year....
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Pet Show 2017

On the last day of Activity Week this year the children were allowed to bring their pets into school for a Pet Show. We had lots of dogs, a cat, a corn snake, a fish and hamster visit us during the morning.  The owners of the pets were able to answer all sorts of questions about...
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