Pastoral Care

Meredale Independent School prides itself on the excellent pastoral care it gives to each and every child.  Our family culture and cosy class sizes enables us to embrace every child's individuality and support their learning to meet their individual personal, social and academic needs.  Our children are happy at school and this can bee seen on their faces.

Our School House system promotes positive social interaction between pupils and encourages mutual trust and respect.  Children earn points for their house which encourages team work and pride.

Each Friday we have a 'Golden Table' at lunch time, a reward for consistently good behaviour and manners in the dining hall over the course of the week.

Our elected School Council, which combines pupils from each year group, meet regularly to discuss their own topics of interest and issues regarding Meredale school life and are encouraged to discuss ways in which it could be made even better.

We run a successful Parent Partnership Group, who meet regularly to discuss events and promoting the school and ensure excellent communication between the school and parents.

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